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Who I Am:

I'm versatile IT Specialist representative skilled at offering clients easy-to-understand guidance and actionable advices, always positively impacting all customer interactions and engineering efforts for supported environment & products. Being resourceful manager consistently responding to wide range of technical challenges with focused and creative approach. Highly effective at problem solving and decision making. Five years of progressive IT experience.


What I Do. Skills & abilities:


My previous/current jobs and projects:

October 2015 - Now
Freelance: Sites, Texts, SEO/SMM
Have been written texts; made some sites, (showing not finished, bought ones) such as [1], [2]. Still have much people, that done or helped me with hard parts such as graphics, backend, markets and others at harder projects. Have been administrating some publics in VK, FB, Inst and other social networks. Even had traffic migration experience. Also I work with SEO/SMM things. All the orders I got, when someone asked me to help with it: never sitted on frilance sites...

January 2021 - May 2021
X5 Retail Group Project - Moscow, Russia
Project Manager
Achieved project deadlines by coordinating with contractors to manage performance. Identified plans and resources required to meet project goals and objectives. Coordinated material procurement and required services for projects within budget requirements. Monitored project performance to identify areas of improvement and make adjustments. Provided detailed project status updates to stakeholders and executive management.

September 2020 - April 2023
VKS - Outsourcing/Outstaffing Mass Recruitment - Moscow, Russia
IT Lead
Served all the IT needs of the two medium offices: worked at Moscow; Krasnoyarsk office fully remotely, had never visited. Had much experience in office management, builded both of them just from scratch. Maintained servers and systems to keep PAN/LAN/WAN and VPN fully operational during peak periods. Explained technical information in clear terms to non-technical individuals to promote better understanding. Configured hardware and software to set up work stations for employees, set and granted system permissions to new employees. Worked with Databases; Sites; Analytics instruments; CRM systems: Estaff, 1C.Bytrix, AmoCRM; Financial Tools such as SBIS, 1C and others. All the commercials sended to biggest companies such as Vkusvill, Ozon, Yandex.Market and others was wrote by me, when we sitted in the first office.

May 2023 - September 2023
Call Center, Remotely - Water Delivery Service - Baku, Azerbaijan
High Operator in 2 months
After leaving Russia, I needed job for the first time, just to have money without exchange, for normal stay without knowing local language. By the way, there's the second time, when I had a chance to obtain experience in real sales. And I used it, as much as I could: after two months working, I got my first promotion, cause of sales results. Both months I was best in B2C sales, home sector individuals. Currently, I work with new clients and most of my time I help my colleges, even that worked for years on that project. That's work gave me much experience, but I'm still in search for better job to master other skills, that I have. Want to achieve much more...

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